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CSEVideo - ECFMG and NMBE clinical skills exam Videos

Propel to the top of your class with CS Exam Videos that simulate the entire encounter for NBME or ECFMG. Join us for High Yield Videos and Audios

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    CS LOS ANGELES       ELIMINATE YOUR FEARS !                                         
Eliminate your fears, uncover any surprises in your CS Exam.  Master Integrated Clinical Encounter (ICE), Communication and Interpersonal Skills (CIS) and Spoken English Proficiency (SEP). 24/7 Access to 96+ Videos & Audios that intimately simulate the actual USMLE CS Exam.
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INTEGRATED CLINICAL ENCOUNTER (ICE)              ice pic                                                                                     
(ICE) Requires accurate data gathering, data interpretation, physical exam, documentation and summary of findings, diagnostic impression, justification of diagnosis, and diagnostic studies.Master these exam components with 96 + High Yield Videos & Audios. 12 different standardized patients, 15 minutes cases,  an exam room identical to what you will experience in your CS encounter. Included in your membership are Study Guides that will help you to become well-equipped in mastering ICE/CIS/SEP. These skills will put you over the top in your preparation.
COMMUNICATION & INTERPERSONAL SKILLS (CIS)           ICESP                                                                               
(CIS)Requires patient centered communication skills, fostering the relationship, gathering information, providing information, help the patient make decisions and support emotions. You are expected to be empathetic, allow the patient to speak, counsel when necessary, and present a closing. Our CIS program consist of Videos and Audios that encompasses the entire patient doctor encounter. The clinical encounters you will be studying involve challenging questions, difficult patients, counseling, closure and more. This section shows you how to develop and maintain an empathetic demeanor necessary to Pass your  Clinical Skills (CS) Exam. 

SPOKEN ENGLISH PROFICIENCY (SEP)                           CISHP                                                                       
(SEP) Requires clarity of Spoken English with in the doctor patient encounter. Pronunciation, word choice and minimal effort required to understand questions and responses. You will improve your pronunciation of medical terms and language, through our audio symptoms program, cases and audio notes. There are 60+ Audios that teach you how to overcome any accent or spoken English challenge you might encounter in your CS Exam.
 ASSESSMENT EXAM: USMLE STEP 2  (CS)        secure futre    
12 mystery videos with 12 different standardized patients.                                                     
  to assess your ability.
Pediatric Phone cases
TAKE CONTROL OF  Integrated Clinical Encounter (ICE), Communication and Interpersonal Skills (CIS) and Spoken English Proficiency (SEP) and your USCE (United States Clinical Experience). CSEVideo presents an up close and comprehensive view of Clinical Encounters you will experience Including,  History, physical exam, review of systems, transition statements, counseling, empathy, challenging questions and much more. All of the materials can easily be used with the 5th  edition of the First Aid.  Unlimited access to 96+ Videos, 60+ Audios 24/7 Tech Support, Discounts on all renewals and Fully Mobile with free apps.

                                                          I PASSED WITH HIGHER PERFORMANCE WITH CSE VIDEO.COM                              

 Michael A. AMG
 CSE Videos are excellent!!! They are the only way to Pass the USMLE Step 2 CS Exam match the first aid cases and made life easy. I sailed right through the CS Exam and I can definitely say its cause I was able to watch the first aid come to life the physical exam are done just right for the cs exam. I recommend it to anyone who needs to pass first time and has a tight schedule. good work csevideo!
Mosa Nasser IMG
Much gratitude to CSE Videos and Audio SEP program. These videos did show me what I must do in order to pass my cs exam. I cleared the exam with higher performance in all sections. Especially the Audio for SEP was used for my accent and to help with my English. I am grateful to your program I hope everyone who takes cs uses this videos and they will pass. Thank you CSEVIDEO.
Mark Simone UCSD
CSEVideos are Great videos I watched your videos for two months and when I sat for my exam the CSEVideos were a direct correlation to what I experienced in my exam. I would recommend csevideo to anyone taking the USMLE Step 2 CS Exam. Thank you very much!
Tara Goldstein UCLA MS IV
  CSEVideo was the main reason I was able to pass the exam and SEP with higher performance in each area. I was very pleased with your study resources. I was able to manage my time, the sp, the physical exam and the patient note well and I am grateful to your assistance in producing a high yield video audio program that all students need to access before taking the exam. Thank you once again
 Christopher H. MS IV University of Chicago
  I used CSE Video program for two months and I have passed with higher performance very well done videos.